Pudding Desserts

Looking for easy pudding desserts, delicious pudding dessert recipes?

You know the sort I mean, old fashioned pudding recipes, the ones that your grandmother used to make.

The classic ones that didn’t cost a lot to make and used all natural ingredients.

Most were simple and easy to make and if, occasionally some were a little more difficult, they were certainly worth the effort, not only for the taste, but also for the satisfaction your mother or grandmother received when she saw the enjoyment of her family and friends.

Fun & Creative Ways to Serve Pudding Desserts

Pudding is such a simple food, but when you play with it a bit you can create amazing desserts that taste anything but simple.

Following are just a few creative ways to serve amazing old fashioned recipes.

What ideas do you have of your own?

Pudding Parfait

Hide fresh fruit in between layers of fluffy pudding.

You can even mix an instant pudding mix with beaten eggs then chill in the refrigerator to get more of a creamy texture.

Cut the fruit up in bite-sized chunks and put between layers of the pudding once it has set in the fridge.

You can also layer in whipped cream, chopped nuts, or even dried cranberries for some extra sweetness.

Or just top it off with a drop of whipped cream and nuts.

Your guests will have a delightful surprise when they start biting into this pudding surprise.

Whipped to Perfection

Rather than serving your pudding using normal instructions, turn it into whipped perfection by adding fat free whipped topping (non-dairy) and blending with a fork before chilling in the refrigerator.

You simply mix the whipped topping into the pudding then chill with clear plastic wrap resting on the surface of the pudding.

When chilled it should set right up into a fluffier, lighter consistency then normal pudding would create. You can then use it inside pastries or just put it into a decorative glass, top with berries or a bit of whipped topping, and serve.

Pudding Cookies

You can use the whipped pudding between two homemade, soft cookies or biscuits to create unique homemade dessert your children will love. Add a bit of ice cream in the middle with the pudding and your littlest guests may even squeal with joy!

What was Your Favourite?

Mine was and still is the easy and simple to make Steamed Pudding, also known as boiled pudding - maybe yours was too. 

Why not try some of these old favourites again and bring back happy memories of times gone by!

Recipes for My Favourite Pudding Desserts:

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